[Code.Life] Summer 2016

Five Day App Programming Summer Course
Ages 13-17

Prerequisites: General Computing Skills, General Smart Phone/Device Skills, Previous introduction in any programming language is helpful but not necessary.

Course Description

This camp is an introduction to the Java programming language and Mobile App Design. The course focuses on execution of projects, and provides students an outlet for their creative ideas.

In this course, students will learn the concepts of programming through a collaborative environment that results in tangible products with actual mobile apps. [Code.Life] uses the Java Language, the industry standard for app design. Along the way campers will learn engineering principles, problem solving skills, and programming concepts in Java. The course is an intensive and immersive learning environment with supervised breaks and social time.

At the end of the camp, representatives from local tech startup companies will talk to campers about the tech world. Students even have a chance to land a summer internship at a Charleston startup!

Your Tuition Includes:

• Software Required to Develop Android Mobile Apps

• Custom T-Shirt

• Course Activity Files

• Safe, Immersive & Intensive learning environment

• Creation of Actual Mobile Apps

• Skills necessary to continue developing apps

• Opportunity to network with local companies

Sample Curriculum

(Subject to Change)

Day 1

• Your first app: A mobile web browser

• Use basic Java User Interface components and the XML markup language to create a browser like Firefox or Safari!

• Design a custom browser home page with HTML to implement in your app.

Day 2

• Keyboard app: Using native Android code, students will learn how to build a custom app that can replace their phone's keyboard.

• Import remote picture files and use XML formatting to design a unique keyboard layout.

Day 3

• Social Network app: Engineer a public bulletin-board app that users and their friends can post to!

• Sync an app with an online database with the use of the PHP language.

• Introduction to packaging apps and configuring projects on the Google Play Store.

Day 4

• Use Javascript to create a Flappy Bird-style game app!

• Use new programming methodologies such as hybrid app design to run a game on multiple platforms.

Day 5

• Finish Flappy Bird Game project.

• Add final touches to apps and post them on Google Play.

• Using technology learned in the camp, design your own personal app!

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